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The Limit
Greensboro, NC
reply to FFH5

Re: Struggling?? Except for Frontier - not true

Please see: QWEST and Windstream. Did you even look at the graph? Either you are interpreting the data wrong or you are refusing to see the data presented to you. This notion of "80%" is not what people are told when they sign up for the service. They expect to receive what they are paying for, barring technical topics such as overhead from different protocols etc. Most don't care about that stuff, they care about a service that just works. As long as people can surf the web, stream a movie or two without buffering, or download a file in a reasonable amount of time then they could care less.

ISPs know this and are willingly taking advantage of it. It should be made clear, not this "up to" stuff. This is why this industry needs regulation. OT, but if ISPs want to go down the metered billing road, and not guarantee a certain level of service that the customer expects, then they should be regulated like a utility. Plain and simple.
"We will evaluate these integrals rigorously if we can, and non-rigorously if we must".
---Victor Moll, invited talk, Tom Osler Fest (April 17, 2010)