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Arlington, TX

[Help] Belkin Router Drops Signal

Belkin Router F5D8236-4v1, I had this router for 3years now, and never really had a problem until I upgraded my ISP.

Ever since I upgraded my Cable mode to 30mb. My Belkin Router keeps losing signal to my modem. I would be sitting at my desk, and notice on my router, that my internet light would drop, and the cable light would turn amber and flash for a few seconds and come back. After a few days I would lose the signal to my cable modem entirely. I would have to restart my cable mode 1st and then my router, and everything is back to normal.

I have 5 devices hooked up to my router, 4 wireless, 1 wired. Firmware is updated, and no other problems on the devices. It just seems that my Router is losing signal to my Cable Modem.

I have also contacted my ISP, over the phone and had a tech come out to check my lines, and everything is good.

Has anyone else had this same problem with this model or other models, and there is anything I can do. If not it looks like a new router.

Warner Robins, GA
Yes, I had something like this happen with a Belkin PlayMax. The darn thing was super sensitive to electrical power fluctuations. I got a 1500VA APC UPS and plugged the cable modem and the Belkin PlayMax into it. I set the UPS to the highest sensitivity to deal with small short power drops. That cleared up most, 75%, of the lockups and reboots of the router.

The other problem I have read about is that if you are signed up for a cable internet service speed above 20Mbps download, you should upgrade the modem from a DOCSIS 2.0 model to a DOCSIS 3.0 model. The DOCSIS 2.0 modem models "should" be able to handle downloads of up to 38Mbps, but they seem to have some problems in the 20-38Mbps range. Upgrading might reduce the problem.