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[Northeast] powerline loses connection

Hi, I am hoping someone might have experience with this, just installed dlink powerline adapters, they are connecting, I am able to get emails, all lights are green on both adapters, web pages load fine speed is amazingly fast. I have quantum fios I think 75/35

The problem I am having is the computer loses connection when for example I go to a site like speedtest.net or even downloading podcasts, after a few seconds the network icon in the task bar goes to a triangle with exclamation point and I lose the internet. It starts to download but then it stops. It happens no matter what computer is plugged in to the adapter, even when I move the adapter to another room on a laptop.

I have to keep disabling the network adapter and re-enabling the network adapter to get it to work. It loses connection to the router also, I don't get to

I updated the network adapter, turned the router on and off, rebooted and ran some command prompts to flush dns and other commands suggested in other forums and still no joy. It will work fine all day if I am just searching the web or getting emails but when it requires a longer time access on a website it goes down.

I also checked coax stats as suggested on another post and they are all fine over 233. Other PC's connected directly to the router/modem have no problems.

I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to fix this, thanks.


Virginia Beach, VA
I had the same problem when I was using a Belkin Powerline. Great speeds, but randomly it would stop working and I'd have to unplug and replug. This isn't a FiOS issue, it's a Powerline issue.


Severn, MD
reply to DROD25
Replace it for MoCa solutions. Buy a actiontec router on ebay and use it.