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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to aannoonn

Re: Counterproductive

said by aannoonn :

said by Os:

So they're going to raise prices because they're not seeing enough growth?

How exactly is that going to encourage growth now?

Stupid, Verizon.

It's called yield management. It the same reason the airlines charge $500 for a 200 mile trip, even though there are empty seats on the plane. They could lower fares and fill more seats, but make less money.

You could take bus or train and it would only cost less than HALF that price. Also, you can aruge the time wasted at airport security (not to metion violation of your privacy) and on the tarmack would even out the time to travel, that's why people take trips on planes of 1k miles or more. I think this is a bad analogy. There are many products and services where consumers fight back when they feel they are being gouged and telecom happens to be one of them.