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Tyler, TX
reply to JackRazz

Re: Redirected to ATT Bad Password page.

I can't speak about newer gateways that AT&T recommends or sells. I have ~ 6 yr old 2 Wire gateway. The MODEM part has worked well, but the router part would NOT work w/ VOIP (PAP2T) ATA. The 2701 HG-B said supported VOIP & had section in manual, but...

If you use VOIP, be somewhat cautious. Newer models may be better, but...
Other brands gateways may well not have same problem. I'm not very lucky!

All the tech support - Tier 2 - at AT&T & 2Wire, couldn't make enough changes so the ATA didn't loose connection (though they tried for world record for # of settings changes for one gateway!). Soon as put the 2 wire in bridge mode (modem only) & a Cisco router behind, VOIP probs solved. Took ~ week w/ support.