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Santa Fe, NM

And in other news...

Coin operated telephones have been removed from around the country. Entire banks of empty kiosks found in airport terminals, hotels and public arenas.

The issue isn't the technology - copper lines have been around for over 100 years now and maybe it is time to move on. The real issue seems to be that the telcos have used the introduction of new technology to also introduce new billing models.



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And to further their agenda of killing off more of the middle class by getting rid of their unionized workers and hiring techs part time with no benefits at half the price. At this rate pretty soon you'll either be a businessman or poor in this country, cause anyone that provides a service is having their job cut and replaced with part time temp work. The article clearly states that this is one of the main things Verizon is working towards. We're turning our country into a 3rd world slum.