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reply to J E F F

Re: [Serious] Mass shooting at Batman

said by J E F F:

said by PX Eliezer70:

said by Devanchya:

My only suggestion is to make guns harder to get....

I won't disagree, but Canada still seems to have plenty of shootings and (as above) that guy in Norway didn't have a problem either....

USA has about 10,000 gun murders a year,
Canada has about 200 which is about 1/6 the US has when population is taken into account...HOWEVER.
Australia has about 35 or so.
England and Wales is also under 50 (very tough gun control)

Canada can do much better, but the US definitely needs to do something to fix this mess.

With all due respect there is much difference. Those countries do not share the world's longest border with a country that has a love affair with guns. Furthermore, that country has also made as many enemies who would love to import guns or do anything else to de-stabilize the country... economically, socially, or physically.