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Re: Dedicated Fax line?

Another thing to consider (that I forgot to mention in my previous post) is that you may want to do some extensive fax testing using your current Vonage line before getting either a new dedicated fax line or another voice line to use for faxing.

I was able for years to use a Vonage dedicated fax line with my AT&T DSL service with no problems. But after I switched to Comcast, sending and receiving faxes became a very iffy operation. I finally had to get RingCentral fax service because faxing with Vonage over my Comcast connection was so unreliable. Right now (after Comcast loaded a newer firmware to their SMC cable gateway box), I can send and receive faxes again using a Vonage line, but I have not canceled my RingCentral account because the next SMC firmware update (or some minor change in Comcast's CMTS) could just as easily kill Vonage faxing again.
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