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That Chick
·Cogeco Cable
reply to jaberi

Re: [Serious] Mass shooting at Batman

I'm curious about what a 'profiler' would say about this type of crime specifically.

The guy was in med school so we can assume he's relatively intelligent.
Sound as if he's been planning this for a bit so he had many opportunities to change his mind.
No one yet has come forth and said anything indicating he showed signs in his previous behaviour. Just that he was a bit quiet.

If you hate or are even numb to others pain and suffering that doesn't mean you have to hurt people.

To plan, dress up and walk into a crowd of strangers with the intent to kill as many as possible is a very different criminal than say a rapist or someone who murders one person.

Lucas Magnotta for example is an attention whore along with his sociopathic qualities.

Is it just that he has no grip on reality? That part of him never matured and so when combined with sociopathic tendencies that's how he expresses his psychosis?

So if be interested to hear what the experts say about murders committed in public spaces, against total strangers in large groups.

It's not the first and sadly won't be the last.
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said by kim:

The guy was in med school so we can assume he's relatively intelligent.

If he was relatively intelligent he would figure out how to kill a lot more people than he did unless he liked the up close and personal approach. Heck I'm not even relatively intelligent and I could wipe out a lot more than he did.

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On the news it was reported he had loud music set to a timer in his apartment. Apparently the timer went off around the time he was at the theatre shooting people. A neighbour was interviewed on tv and she was disturbed by the loud music and went to his apartment and pounded on the door...

It is believed he hoped someone would get the superintendent to open his apartment door and enter into his booby trapped place...

This creep is plan evil...