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Snarl For The Camera Please
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Re: More fast food employee stupidity

said by fartness:

I don't know much about EXIF data and how it can be extracted or deleted from pictures. Any good reading or brief explanation?

If I take a picture and it's 1600x1200 resolution and has the EXIF data, but I use a program to size it down to 800x600, will that strip the EXIF data?

My phone doesn't have a data plan (Blackberry Bold 9000 from ATT), so if I take a picture, how does it add this data?

Whether or not any specific graphics manipulation program will strip the EXIF data when resizing the image will depend on how that particular program was designed (and/or how you save the resized image). Most graphics programs have a "Save for Web" feature that does strip the EXIF info.

Shown below are some samples that were modified using IrfanView to illustrate just that scenario (the original 1600x1200 image has EXIF data, but not GPS data):

Original 1600x1200 image (with EXIF)

Original image EXIF data

Image resized to 800x600 (with EXIF)

Resized image EXIF data

Resized image using Save for Web

The Save for Web image has no EXIF data

I am not familiar with your Blackberry Bold 9000 phone, but GPS data is done by communicating with GPS satellites, and no phone or WiFi connection is required. EXIF data (with or without GPS data) is simply a function of the camera and requires no on-line connectivity to anything. Whether your Blackberry Bold 9000 even has EXIF capability is unknown to me (but you should be able to easily find out by taking a picture and using a graphic display program such as IrfanView to look at it).
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