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Verizon hates the middle class but loves their money!

Funny they keep raising prices and profit yet refuse to Negotiate fairly with 45000 of their workers on the landline and wireless side (yes there are a few unionized wireless workers).They thousands per worker in givebacks to which the union workers already agreed to an increase in medical benefit costs but refuse any more givebacks while the CEO and board members receive millions for staring at EACHOTHER. It's a joke and the arrogance to keep raising prices on customers just because they can. Once again when is enough enough. Billions in profit a 300% raise for the CEO and once again they want the little guys building and maintaining their network to do it for less and less while they and their pockets get fatter and fatter. To boot on Thursday the union said ok bring in a federal regulator and we will agree to what they feel is fair and guess what Verizon said no! No mediator! Why do think that is? Is because they are afraid the mediator is going to say are you on glue Verizon? Your making billions and keep raising execs pay but want to lower pay for your workers, raise their medical, kill their retirement benefits, contract their work out, ship more customer service jobs to India all while not paying any taxes in 2010 and 2011. Sorry pay your workers and give them a 3% raise of which they haven't had one in years since your board approved a 300% raise for your CEO while paying board members millions more. Verizon exca are thieves and part of the reason this country is going in the toilet. They rob the middle class and keep shrinking it while paying lobbyists to push through their proposed spectrum deal with 4 other cable companies. If you think your cable bill expensive now wait till they pay off the FCC to pass this thing and the cable companies are no longer competing with EACHOTHER and are cross selling eqchothers products. It's already happening. That's how arrogant Verizon is they went ahead with Comcast and are already cross selling eqchothers products so that neither has to build out their network anymore and save $ while being the only available service in their respective areas. Cancel your Verizon service and support the middle class!