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Springfield, MA
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[Equipment] Buying Verizon phones at RadioShack

After Grandma & Mother decided to join my plan, we decided on the Samsung Convoy II for them. We are thinking of buying the phones at RadioShack as they are offering the best deal on a two year contract. They are getting $29.99 for the Samsung Convoy II at RadioShack and Best Buy (my favorite place to buy my gadgets) is getting $59.99 and Verizon Wireless Corporate stores are getting $119.99 ($169.99 minus a $50.00 rebate). I am wondering if there are some strings attatched or if RadioShack is just trying to undercut everyone. Verizon is offering it for free but you have to take the PTT feature (which we don't need or use). We just need a rugged phone because Mom works outdoors during the school year as a crossing guard in varying weather conditions and grandma tends to drop things as she has arthritis and the Convoy has big buttons. We are porting the numbers from my mother's account to my account. I notice Verizon is really pushing smartphones but Mom does not need a smartphone and grandma can barely understand how to run a basic phone so with Grandma needs something that is simpler to operate. It would be nice if Verizon would sell a phone with the age 50 and over generation in mind. I know that there is the Jitterbug but that would be more costly with less benefits and I refuse to deal with MVNOs. If Verizon sold the Jitterbug directly, I'd get that for Grandma but the Convoy II will work just as well.

I am wondering if I should go with RadioShack's offer or if I should stick to BestBuy or a VZW corporate store.

Update: Best Buy ageed to price match RadioShack but they dont stock the Convoy II so I am having them shipped to my Grandma's home since we are staying there right now and I got the lower Maine sales tax (which is based on the activated price) instead of the higher Massachusetts sales tax (which is based on the unsubsidized price).

Allendale, NJ
Good to hear!

I Miss Her
Hyattsville, MD
reply to IowaCowboy
Too late now, but check out the prices at »

DSLR'er from the 56k days.
reply to IowaCowboy
I always wondered....I saw a radio shack deal.....if I stop by my local one and pick up this phone I want - that - it WONT MESS UP my vzw plan at all right? (Just start the contract over????) Thanks!