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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to djrobx

Re: What a disaster this will be

said by djrobx:

FiOS isn't even rolled out to the entirety of the city of Los Angeles (let alone county).

Wake up, government. It's time to stop anti-competitive behavior by the phone company again.

Most of Los Angeles city and county is franchised to AT&T, not Verizon. You wouldn't see Fios rolled out, ever. Verizon is not going to cross boundary lines, certainly not with 30% penetration in their own turf.

Conversely, you won't see AT&T offering U-Verse via any of Verizon's 50+ central offices.

The phone company's behavior isn't anti-competitive per-se. By offering lousy service, they are indeed, inspiring competition. Virtually everyone I know bailed on Verizon service in favor of cable triple-play, and all have the option of buying Fios.

Still, I wouldn't oppose using the FCC's power to make them reconsider their abandonment of the wired plant, the premium-only tiers, and the mandatory dialtone bundling. The FCC could re-open Verizon's forbearance petitions.