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Fredericksburg, VA
reply to yambag

Re: What channels can I get without a STB?

You can get quite a few Clear QAM channels without a set top box if your HDTV or tuner card can support Clear QAM channels. It's mostly the "over the air" stuff, but you get all the sub-channels and some other channels. Both my TV and Happauge tuner card in my computer are set up to tune in the Clear QAM stuff. (Remember, there is no analog with FioS TV.). You get them in both HD and SD.

Oh, and you'll also get all the feeds for commercials that FiOS inserts on the cable channels. (I just delete them - there's about 40 channels reserved but maybe one or two are in use at any given time).

Just hook up the cable line directly to your TV, do a digital channel scan and see what comes up. You'll probably be impressed with what's actually out there in the clear.

As mgamer20o0 said above, you can get a Ceton card and pay $3.99/month (for the CableCARD rental) and get all the channels in your plan without a set top box. I use this setup for my home brew DVR which works great (using Windows 7 Media Center).

You can also watch live TV as well as record shows. Up to four streams at once - record 3 and watch one, or record on all four.


I am located in NYC.

Connecting the coax cable directly to the input port of an OTA digital tuner and doing a complete re-scan results in zero channels found. The digital tuner also informs me that there is "no signal", like there is no antenna connected to it.

When an OTA antenna is instead connected to the digital tuner's input port, channels can then be found.

Of course, the FiOS STB works fine with the same coax cable as input.

So it appears that depending on the FiOS market you are in, Verizon may or may not not be sending clear QAM signals over the coax cable. As a result you may see zero or more channels without the use of a STB.


Anybody in NYC getting different results?


Melville, NY
An OTA digital tuner is not a QAM tuner. The only way you will get local broadcast channels is on a QAM-enabled tuner.