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Burlington, ON
reply to Os

Re: Cogeco buying Atlantic Broadband

said by Os:

Nope, no caps at ABB. Explicitly in the TOS and AUP.

And we just got D3 speeds. We have 40/3 as a max here for $69.99 with no caps right now.

South Florida has 75/5 for the same price, and a 110/5 tier.

TOS and AUP can be changed at any time with appropriate notice (typically 30 days, give or take). I am sure Cogeco would not have bought the network if they couldn't impose the necessary measures to ensure you get the most out of you cable experience....

Considering that Comcast gets flak for 250 gig caps, I wonder how well Cogeco's caps will go over?

The closest equivalent in Cogeco's current offerings would be 30/1.5 with a 175 gig cap for just over $70/mo (no counting any bundle discounts, if available)

Bottom line, you will not have unlimited for much longer. The highest transfer Cogeco allows is 250 gigs, but that will cost upwards of $100 per month.

Course, we will probably subsidize your pricing if there is any competition.