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Markham, ON

How fast is your [USA] ISP? A new report tells all.

Too bad the CRTC doesn't do something like this.

"... the Federal Communication Commission started collecting data to help consumers (and the agency) see if consumers get what they pay for when it comes to broadband."

"The FCC uses a variety of tests to get this information, including sending out routers to households that report back speed and packet quality information"

See »gigaom.com/2012/07/19/how-fast-i···lls-all/


The Prime Minister needs to get involved as things have gotten too far out of hand with these telecommunication companies in Canada. The same can be said for the Canadian banks because their profits are going to turn into losses in the near future as available credit is reduced nearly to zero the same as what has happened in America. They'll try to do what Bank Of America did dream up fees for every day of the week only to lose all their customers.


Banks are less of a monopoly than Canada's residential ISP. Your residential ISP on the other hand are limited to whoever owns the last mile or last 100 meters access.

If you don't like the usual banks, there are credit unions, resell banking services (PC "reselling" from CIBA), Internet "Banks" which may or may not have branches for you to visit in person and "offshore" banks.

>They'll try to do what Bank Of America did dream up fees
"Bank of America" is a specific bank vs the generic term "Banks in America".