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Olive Branch, MS

[netopia] Network Comcast RCA DHG535-2 with a Netopia 3346N-VGx

I had centurylink setup with my Netopia router. Since It was a dsl service, I didn't have to lease a modem from them. But recenty I have changed to Comcast and they issued me a RCA cable modem. I am having trouble getting it to connect to my network.

I've done everything. reset router, reset modem, released and renewed ip's, I've changed the ppp over ethernet to RFC-1483 Routed IP (This may have been in the right direction, i may have not set that up correctly), heck I even called comcast. But they don't support 3rd party routers.

The closest I've gotten it to halfway working is setting the dhcp in the router to their dhcp address. But it only sends ip information to one of the computers in my network and kills the rest. (I can't use network drives on neither computer.) All the other computers will have an address ip nowhere near the range that they've given the first computer.

Skipping all the whining, I guess my question is. How can I get the RCA modem to join my network?

I just cant figure it out....

Milford, NH
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Re: [netopia] Network Comcast RCA DHG535-2 with a Netopia 3346N-

Welcome to BBR.

According to the manual the unit connects a single PC to the Cable network. Assuming your ISP only provides a single IP address to residential customers, typical for residential accounts, in order to connect multiple devices you need a broadband router.

» ··· G535.pdf

The Netopia 3346N is a ADSL2 broadband router, as such the WAN interface is DSL. Since you now have Cable you need to get a router that has an Ethernet WAN port to share your cable connection.