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Birmingham, AL

[Speed Problem] DSL connection speed drops

Posted the following in March of this year:
Have mid level DSL (3.0 M max) and speed has been dropping off significantly, mostly overnight to the point that I have had to restart the modem to get back to "normal" speeds. Typical best is 70% to 80% of the top end. It is dropping off to as low as 0.3 M to 0.4 M. The modem is a Westell 2100 which was my original from the start of service. I thought the modem might be going bad, so I bought a new modem at a big box store, but I am having the same issue.

This issue has continued to get worse and it now occurs several times a day. I have restarted the modem multiple times today. Speeds got very slow again within the last few minutes and I did a speed check with the following results: 0.21 Mbps (207kbps) down and 0.32 Mbps (316kbps) up. Restarted the modem and got the following 2.09 Mbps (2094 kbps) down and 0.32 Mbps (318 kbps) up.

This has gotten very old. Anyone have any ideas?