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Meriden, CT

[info] Uverse is available on my street but not for my house?

So sometimes back, ATT disconnected my internet and asked me to upgrade to their Uverse program. I also got offers before (from their customer service's offer to the ads) but never looked at it. Anyway, they sent a couple of technicians to my house. After a long period of "checking their lines," they didn't install Uverse and told me to stay with the slower internet.

Today, I just looked up to see if a neighbor's address (house number is 44) is qualified for Uverse and what do you know? It says that Uverse is available in my area. When I put in my own address (house number is 43), it says that it is not available.

I am just quite upset that I am paying essentially the same rate as my friend but his internet is 6MB/s while mine is 1.5MB/s. It also sucks too since I have to stay with ATT.
Did they just blacklisted my house because I am only interested in their internet?

Warner Robins, GA

Re: [info] Uverse is available on my street but not for my house

Do you live across the street from your neighbor? Do you have an alley that runs behind your house? Do the electrical and telephone lines run in the alley? If so, you may be on another VRAD, or you may not even have a VRAD servicing you. You are asking,"Why would I get offers of Uverse if I have no VRAD?" Because AT&T'S Uverse marketing blankets entire census tracts and zipcodes with marketing materials even though some of those addresses cannot get Uverse. Instead of doing extensive address service capability verification checks before they offer the service, AT&T does it after you request the service. If they were careful, they would have customized offers based on the true capability of the service for a particular address, since service capability is based on the wireline distance from the VRAD.


Meriden, CT
reply to van13330gg
Thanks for the explanation! I checked for other neighbors and it seems like it's only "available" for house 44. The rest says unavailable. There's no alley and everything runs through the single power line/poles.