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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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A new vehicle to confound parking cops and confuse tourists

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A few days early birthday present to myself. Long time lover of 3 wheel Cushman vehicles, now the next generation from Canada....and much better.

All aluminum body (good thing in salt air, or north salted roads) its 9 years old and no corrosion but on the scraped steel bumper. Damn thing even has AC, as well as an integral roll cage.

Very fun and practical vehicle for Key West... but after the last police painted Cushman, probably going to be getting a lot of tourists trying to talk me out of their parking tickets again... which "sure give me $10" is tempting but I'm sure the city would catch on quick.

An of course in a highly visible unique vehicle have to behave, but conversely,even leave the keys in it stolen likely to not even get off the island.

And actually do the city a favor as if like was with the Police painted Cushman, will probably see tourists that didn't pay, scury back to their meters seeing me coming down the street.

Oh and as to confounding the parking cops.... 3 wheels legally a motor cycle and after 6pm MC's can park in loading zones. But they just see car vs big MC despite the MC plates and 3 wheels.

18 yrs ago all the parking cops here were driving Cushmans, guess mo one left from that long ago.


Germantown, TN
Actually.. weren't they used to also deliver mail at some point in time? Anyway, congratulations!

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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Some of the Cushman's were...with a panel truck back end vs parking version just big bin.

The Go-4's began in the infant millennium. Mine is a 2nd gen. 2003, and Cushman stopped road legal vehicles in 2001 (my current one of them) and Go-4's into 3rd gen.

The car-motorcycles are really a bizarre blend over time... have both been lifestyle and (MOST Importantly) gov contract city vehicles.

Though GO-4 are now developing a gas/elec hybrid but I will be surprised they last into the next decade...cool vehicles, but very expensive serial one offs to buy new.... Just to choose a mean cost for both $24,000+ vs just buy a surplus base level car off the lot dealer needs to dump.... far lower $$$, and ultimately few years cost wise disposable, vs well built costly things needing more often/costly maint.

Glad to have one.


Labelle, FL
reply to Hayward
Looks great Hayward, lots of luck with your new vehicle. and happy birthday