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Re: [IMG] FiOS TV app on Samsung bluray...

Mine BluRay is a 2010 C6900, which is 3D. So I doubt that it will receive that app. My 3DTV is 2010 as well, UN55C8000. Both are probably too old technology wise to get it. But here's hoping.

But if anyone can confirm that the FiOS App will work on 2010 models, It would be much appreciated.


Melville, NY
Doubt it - the app has only been certified with newer 2011 and 2012 models....

That is good to know. I know that I would have never found that out. I def would have thought Only 2012 models of Samsung BluRay Players and TVs were eligible. MAybe my sister can get the TV App then. She has a 2011 TV.

Thanks nycdave


Glen Burnie, MD
reply to webcobbler
I have the exact same setup. So far, no joy for me.
I also have a 2012 model TV. It doesn't have the FIOS app either. But then my 8000 has HBOGO and the new one doesn't.

A what I can tell, Even though HBO Go is on 2010 and 2011 Samsung Smart TVs, the 2012 models say " Coming soon." As of July 13th.

here is a link to a page I found that has All apps and All TV Brands.

» ··· g-chart/

I hope this helps a bit.


Lynn, MA
reply to nycdave
NYCDave, I think this URL indicates that it should work on my 2011 model TV but the app does not show up for me:

» ··· ices.htm

I posted a similar question on the Samsung support website, which seems to contradict Verizon's info, i.e. Samsung says only 2012 models are supported. My model is a PN51D6500.

Is my set certified?


Have you retried to find the application in the last couple weeks? If not, what model of TV/BR do you have?


Lynn, MA
I have tried it at least twice a week. It still doesn't show the FiOS TV app.

I have a Samsung 51 inch TV, Model# PN51D6500DF.


Ronkonkoma, NY
I have a UN55D6300 and did not have a FIOS app until I updated the TV firmware.


Lynn, MA
My TV has the latest version of the firmware which BTW, also matches the firmware number on a newer 2012 model TV that does have the FiOS app working.

I actually went to my sister's house and checked her's on Sunday. She also has FiOS and has had the new app installed for more than a month now.

The current version of the firmware on both my TV and her's is 001016. Her app store does look a bit different cosmetically but most, if not all of the available apps in her store, match mine.