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MANY subscribers have the same experience with DIRECTV!

I hear you.

My experience was not as bad as your but close.

From the HORRIBLE installation, to poor picture quality, rude and unhelpful customer service reps, and picture loss with any kind of rain or storm even though my line of sight signal was 95% .

The final straw was when after fulfilling my 2 year contract I called to cancel. The call was transferred to "retention" I was put on the line with the most obnoxious, rude, and belligerent individual I have EVER dealt with at any company in my entire life!
Upon my saying cancel several times politely, this "man" badgered me about what it would take to get me to stay with them, I told him that 25$/mo with my same channel package and no contract would be the ONLY way I would stay with them. Well instead of just saying they couldn't do this he kept putting me on hold, and finally comes back with an offer that didn't even come close. I told this man again cancel please. Still refused to simply do what I asked, then he basically yelled and threatened me with saying they would find all the PPV movies I had ordered because my box wasn't connected to the phone line!!!!LOL I told him that they would find that only ONE PPV was on that box and it had been noted in my account that I was ordered by accident and the cost removed, finally after over 30 minutes he cancelled my account.

I was so disgusted with the behavior of this idiot CSR that I wrote a
snail mail to the then CEO of DirecTV, Mike White, detailing the HORRID experience, and sent it return receipt requested to their executive offices. After two weeks I finally had the signed receipt that they had received my letter, BUT NOT ONE WORD MORE FOLLOWED from their offices!

Stole my money!!! »