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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to devildog820

Re: [CFL] Switching from DirecTV questions

said by devildog820:

Hi All,

Thinking about switching from DirecTV back to BHN. I believe I have about a year left on a contract from when I upgraded to whole home.

Do they still pay cancellation fees? What's the commitment to BHN if they do?

Is the DVR software still clunky and annoying? As in, shows aren't grouped together, no 15 minute skips, still low res?

If you act fast yes...

Clunky and annoying is a personal opinion thing. It isn't to me compared to others but again depends on the user. If you record high def thats what you will get back. Not sure what you mean by low res. Just depends on what the content is and the resolution.
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Ah, I meant the resolution of the interface, not the programs. It just seemed to me that the DVR interface is highly outdated compared to some competitor offerings. Except for Comcast, they have it way worse.

and thanks!