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Houghton Lake, MI
reply to Nightfall

Re: Cost aside, where's the issue?

You can call them fantasy examples but we have all seen ISP's do things like my examples before to lock down and take control of there network.

This thread was about the $7 modem fee and i just pointed out it would be a problem if they now start giving/forcing you to a modem/router combo and locked you out of it. The reason this would be a problem is because they are in control of it. They chose what firmware it is loaded with and what features are enabled. There were posts here all ready about someone trying to get things working and he had to go into the charter router and disable all the built in firewall setting because of the way it worked in that router. You can not load a third party firmware like many do with there own routers. This is a problem because many want the features of the third party firmware for there router but would not be able to get them without double NAT.

Then comes the password maybe it is freely handed out at this time but that does not mean it will be down the road and could be changed at any time. Maybe they will start charging a fee to make changes for you at some point. Say you want your XBOX to work over the internet you call Charter and ask them to make changes in the router, for say a $35 FEE or maybe more, now that is a money maker for sure.