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Absolutely. The paradigm has shifted from public utility to mercenary racket. We are allowing a handful of aggressive corporations to put their interests ahead of the needs of every consumer and every other business and even national security. And these telecoms are virtually colluding: they each actively provide as little bandwidth as possible for as much money as possible. They have no motivation to build a network worthy of the economic potential of the US. In fact, they have a disincentive to provide high-level service.

Charlotte, NC
·Time Warner Cable
The Public Utilities Commissions have been neutered and if the Republicans win their biggest gripe is regulation. They want less because the market will take care of any problems.

I could go for the fixed LTE if the price and caps were equal to DSL. I saw a post the other day where a guy said it was sad his LTE smartphone gave him 4Xs better speed then his hardwired internet connection. I am not sure if he is on cable or DSL. His problem is he uses at least 500GB of data on his hardwired if he is having a very slow month.