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Saint-Laurent, QC

[Mobile] Losing a customer of 12 years

I'm posting this as general information, and as a cautionary tale to current and prospective Bell Mobile customers. Obviously, I can't speak for anyone but myself and I don't know how anyone else is treated.

My father has been a customer for about 12 years now. For that entire time he has been paying in-market prices. Three years ago he was coaxed into renewing a contract in order to get a free phone. What the agent didn't tell him at the time was that he was also changing plans to one that didn't include 6 pm early evenings. Unfortunately, after a few calls, Bell didn't want to budge.

Fast forward to now. My father has no contract and wants a new phone. This should be a perfect time to call, right?

The customer loyalty agent offered my father what amounted to an in-market plan with free Call Display. This is absolutely insulting. Rogers is offering almost the same plan, for $4 less, for NEW customers. And they are much more flexible about retaining existing customers (that's why I've been with them for more than 10 years).

I tried to get my father to switch to Rogers three years ago, but it didn't work. Now he's finally seen the reality that, in his case, each day as a Bell customer he is throwing good money after bad. Over the last few years Bell has done nothing to seriously demonstrate that they value him as a customer.

I truly expected more from Bell.

We're probably going to the Rogers store later this week.


·Start Communicat..

In my experience, Bell inbound retentions offers really poor deals. But then you get a call a week or two later from outbound retentions with a much better deal.

You might need to actually start the cancellation process for that to happen though, which can cause problems porting a number out.


reply to adam_fd

I suggest you (if the coverage area is not a big issue):

www,publicmobile.ca (CDMA) - from $19 unlimited talk

www.chatrwireless.com - unlimited voice + CD + 50 SMS - from $25 (it is using Rogers network) ... I have them since they launched ... NO ISSUES + you can use any unlocked GSM phone




That's because Chat-r is Rogers, Just like Fido is Rogers, They made the brand to complete with the new entries to the market and try and drive them out..