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Sugar Land, TX

Path Of Exile Weekend Play

Since D3 is terribad, POE may give those looking for a better dungeon crawling experience something to do this weekend.


Action RPG Path of Exile will be open to everyone this weekend, July 27-29, so that we can stress-test our servers in preparation for entering Open Beta in a few months.

If you've been patiently waiting to try Path of Exile's dark and customizable gameplay, now is your chance to check out the game - for one weekend only.

The game has been in Closed Beta since last August and we have been regularly adding new content, classes and skills. The latest version adds a huge Act Two boss fight, the end-game Maps system and a new passive skill tree with over 1300 skills to customize your character with. The open weekend will include the first two acts of the game, Default and Hardcore leagues, six character classes, approximately 70 active skills, 40 support gems and hundreds of item types.

We will make the game servers public from 5pm on Friday 27 July Pacific Daylight Time until 11:59pm on Sunday. Over 48,000 people played during our last Open Weekend in May. Any feedback you provide this weekend will help us get ready for our permanent Open Beta.

Check out the FAQ about the open weekend at www.pathofexile.com/publicweekend/.

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Great news

been waiting for this title

I'll definitely give it a shot!

Formerly known as Carnage
Pickering On

Looking forward to this game as well. Will definitely give it a go.


reply to Mentat

LoL might have to wait till Sat/Sun

Going to give this a shot tonight!


Wright City, MO
reply to Mentat

So, How's it look Beef?

Brighton, ON
reply to Mentat

Played with it a bit.


Animation is still rough, but usable.

Field of view is way too small in my opinion; especially that most mobs aggro outside of visible range.

Graphics quality; Ok (with everything turned on)

(played a witch)

Reminds me of Diablo 1

Appears to be some input overruns as occasionally the character does not respond to commands. While targeting appears ok, the animation of projectiles is often off (ie appears to go besides the mob but still hits it).

section map is way too transparent, making it difficult to read over the terrain.

Lots of storage space in the chest, but very little on the character itself; 50 spaces, (10*5), with most items taking 6 (2*3) a la Diablo II.

Trading with NPCs is barter, no money involved. To be able to buy from them, you need to have what they want, and it appears to be scrolls and mats.

Just touched the skill tree (level 5) and it is HUGE. One can easily be lost in the thing. However, if only 1 point is given per level up it one will have to be very judicious on how to manage it.

Items have varying random colored slots that take same colour gems. Tactics are based on the type of gem in the slots.

up to 7 tactics can be available in play, 3 mouse (left middle and right) + QWER.

One thing I did not like is the fact that you have to constantly redo zones if you return to them which you need to do if you don't have a *rare* portal scroll.

Chat window is in your face, and there is no way to modify it. Very annoying as the different windows (storage, trade, character) appear behind the chat.

All in all, an enjoyable experience, and for F2P this should be a good game once the kinks are worked out.



the above review is great, from what I read these are common issues

I was unable to play PoE this weekend, had no time, and when I started the download I saw that it was 4.3gigs and was like holy shit! and it has no ability to pause and continue the DL from what I saw

I can't let my machine run overnite atm, because with the new GPU it often overheats the PSU

hopefully the game animations get tweeked as the game comes closer to release