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Huntsville, AL

[AL] Poor internet speeds

My brother is a Mediacom customer in the NE Huntsville/
Moores Mill area. He is getting an abysmal 1Mb/1Mb. Service he pays for is apparently 12Mb/1Mb. I'm a PC Tech with many years of experience and I have thoroughly checked his PC settings and Router settings. The modem is a Surfboard (not sure of model, can't check ATM) and all the signals are withing acceptable/optimal range. We have tried just using the modem and then back to modem and router and there is no effect. The highest speed I saw was 4Mb for about 10 seconds. We have also tried another PC with the same results. I told him to come here and create an account and post, hopefully we'll see him soon.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
Have him send me his telephone# or MAC address and I can take a look at the modem side signals and the area and help.


Brownsboro, AL
reply to kellodl
You are going to fall into the same trap as the rest of us in Huntsville have by thinking the mediator is a cure all. Basically the slow speed is always in Huntsville, at least for 12 months now. They start out saying they will check signals. Then they will send a tech who doesn't show. (now at least they pay $20 for no-show, but it hardly makes a dent in lost wages). Then they will say no one else has the problem ---then everyone else has the problem,then they give you a fix all date, and then they change that date every month to the next month or sometimes several months out, then they say parts are held in customs, then they say they have encountered delays and then more delays and you are falling in to the same 12 month cycle that many of us have with Mediacom Huntsville. At least you took the first step and have a moderator who will give you the monthly delay report instead of the person that doesn't speak English well on the phone.


Gurley, AL
reply to kellodl
Indeed, Mediacom Huntsville been abysmal for well over a year--plagued by an outdated overloaded head end and area nodes. Supposedly they have been building a new structure to house a new head end. It has apparently been delayed several times and there is no reliable information on when it will be completed or how long it will actually take to transition everything over. It's also doubtful this will solve issues for the many areas that are also affected by over sold nodes. I'm on the 15Mbps VIP package and haven't consistently pulled over 2Mbps during the afternoon/evening hours in over a year and a half. The fact that management (be it local or corporate) allowed the service to reach such a sad state is shameful and disgusting.