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Austin, TX
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reply to iansltx

Re: That upload channel...

Just read over in the forums that Blast is getting 50 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up, sustained. So a bit of a downgrade (in some cases anyway, depending on your area) from Extreme 50 (I love me some 15 Mbps uploads), however it's on the order of $45 cheaper per month, so honestly 10 Mbps uploads instead of 15 are reasonable. Particularly since Comcast has to have /some/ reason to upsell folks to Extreme post-upgrade, what with the big price delta and all (not that there wasn't a huge price delta between 50/15 and 105/20 before).

On the other hand, Extreme 50 is getting pushed to the full 105/20 that was Extreme 105. Not a huge upload boost to be honest, but it sounds like folks are getting above-advertised speeds on the tier anyway so it's still a nice upgrade.

If I was in an area that had these tier upgrades in effect, I'm honestly not sure which path I'd take. Even 50 Mbps on the downstream is more than enough for me. However I like fast uploads, so the conundrum would be whether to still pay $115 per month and get another 5 Mbps of upload speed, or pay $70 and drop 5 Mbps.