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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
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reply to SHoTTa35

Re: collateral benefit

said by SHoTTa35 :

Me too, i have 50/8 (more like 60/8 ) and I'm dying to see what CV is gonna do with their tiers. Even if they don't go 300Mbps, 200/30Mbps for ULTRA and Boost+ goes to 100/15Mbps and i'll be even more of a happy camper

Some suggestions:

30/5 $29.95 100/16(30+ strongly encouraged) $44.90 250/65 $99
Of course, these are "NEW" one year customer rates, so +$15-$20 on each as standard rate.

250mbit for less than half the 300mbit tier would cut FIOS off at the knees.. in Ny Metro.. ultra fast speed for those on a budget!
Cablevision by nature is lazy about internet speed tier updates (10/1 bump to 15/2 took 10+ YEARS!!). I don't see it happening this year. Though, next week would be a good time to prove me wrong.