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the cerberus

Richmond Hill, ON

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reply to milnoc

Re: Quebecor wins court ruling over Bell

said by milnoc:

said by the cerberus:

They did use NagraVision, so they can't possibly say they didnt attempt to secure their signal.

Except that this was Nagravision, one of the weakest satellite encryption schemes in existence. That's why DirectTV was rarely hacked. It was just so much easier to use Dish equipment, almost as if Nagravision wasn't even considered proper encryption at all.

Not really, key information about Nagravision was forced out/leaked that lead to cracks. It wasnt any specific providers fault.

Heres the story

There was a court case in Europe and in court, it was required as evidence, to provide some key information about how nagravision 2 worked in scrambling and securing the broadcasts.

The programmers of Nagravision 2 were told they had to comply and reveal how their system worked basically.

That is how Nagravision 2 became public knowledge and lead to the birth of all the companies that made "free TV" receivers.

Bell was caught in the middle of this so Nagra offered ECM's as support while they worked on the new ca, Nagravision3.

As for DirectTV they were hacked for a long time, what made it "end" was spending millions on a vendor switch which involved a card change and new receivers.