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Any tips for getting AT&T to do their part?

I'm trying to get dual-line fusion installed. I've had a hard time getting AT&T to actually deliver the copper.

The first time may have been my fault. I don't remember seeing an question on the signup as to whether the MPOE is accessible, but apparently I said it was. In fact, it isn't.

So I got a call to reschedule an installation that I never knew was scheduled. OK, fair enough. So today I worked remotely all afternoon, waiting for AT&T to show up. I got here about 30min before the install window, unlocked the gate, and was on-site for the duration of the 12-4 window.

When the window closed with no sign of AT&T, I called Sonic to find out what was up. Sure enough, AT&T claims they could not access the MPOE again. No technician attempted to gain access to the MPOE, at least not an attempt serious enough to involve actions like "trying the gate" or "ringing the doorbell".

So, I'm now looking at burning another half day to get the second pair landed. It's extremely frustrating to have Sonic as the middleman here; I don't have standing to call up AT&T and chew them out myself, and Sonic clearly isn't as pissed off about this as I am.

Other than camping out in the driveway all day, any suggestions for actually getting AT&T to show up?

Related, does anyone know what AT&T's policies are on relocating the MPOE? It wouldn't bother me in the least to move it outside the gate (next to the gas and power meters) to avoid this nonsense.


Santa Rosa, CA
Go ahead and IM me your Sonic.net username and we will get this figured out for you. AT&T can move the MPOE but obviously we will have to have access to the other MPOE in order to do so. It is something we might want to proceed with so it can be placed in an location that AT&T will have no problems accessing.
DSL Support Specialist
Sonic.net, Inc.


IM sent. I have an install window tomorrow AM... if we can move the MPOE then, I'll rewire the inside wiring over the weekend.