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Oakland, CA

[Speed Problem] [Bay Area] Sometimes so slow, I think dial-up mu

Hey all. I've posted on these forums a couple times in the past. It's been a while since my last trouble with AT&T (seems like I have something to fix almost every year), so I guess this was inevitable.

Some background: About a week ago, my connection started to experience severe problems. The 2wire modem I was using would go through spastic periods where it would constantly shut down after turning on wireless, then go back to normal. During a calm period, I was able to log into the router and turn the wireless off, which eliminated the issue, but at the cost of that service. Re-enabling the wireless a few days ago to test something resulted in a *complete* fucking of the hardware - a shutdown loop from which it never recovered.

Now: I have a new Netgear modem-router (model no. DGN3500). After a couple hours of setting up, I got it to connect to the internet, and feed me the soothing nicotine that is imgur and youtube. All seemed fine, until yesterday evening. @7pm PST, my connection became fucked. I mean *turbo* fucked. I didn't lose connection, but the speed dropped to the point where I could barely do anything. I could stay logged in to my chat program, mIRC, but loading something like Google.com in Chrome took *five minutes* - if it loaded at all. Often, pages would throw up perhaps the first segment of a familiar background before it would completely hang and not progress. This lasted for hours until I went to bed, and when I woke it still had the problem for about an hour before clearing up until 8:30PM tonight, at which point it started to fuck up again.

Resetting the router did nothing. Unplugging it for 10 seconds and replugging it did nothing. Adding in another filter did nothing. Router page still shows the connection speed at the normal 3Megabit speed. AT&T techs have remarked before that my line has excellent stats, and when I can actually frigging LOAD pingtest, this is what I usually get: »www.pingtest.net/result/66925673.png .

Has anyone else in the bay area been having this issue?