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Brooklyn, NY
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reply to mig288

Re: Comcast is late to the game

said by mig288:

I had comcast for about 10 years. While my service was pretty consistent, they failed to be innovative (gimme more upload). When FIOS came to town, they lost a subscriber to that fact. Now, I'm enjoying the services of Verizon. I'm curious to see the upstream on their new tiers.
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Don't worry, after your 1 or 2 year price lock/contract expires Verizon will be sure to jack up the prices again like they've done twice already this year. So, after 2 years expect 4 price increases. What you don't get is this has always been about a win-win for Verizon.. that's what price collusion is all about.. don't expect Comcast's prices and tiers to be innovative, and that pushed you to Verizon to pay $ more. I'm not saying it's a bad choice, but don't be fooled that you ever had a GOOD one..

I'll spare you the speech about how Verizon justifies the extra cost and why the prices are too high.. because iwhen you look at your bill, you'll know.. keep an eye on your bottom line price.. bill creep is a mysterious thing.

I'm hoping what you did (switch) will be good for me.. because when ONE cableco bumps speed tiers, that means others will follow.. sooner or later.. thanks!