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Crazy Canuck
Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
·Rogers Hi-Speed
reply to Xstar_Lumini


said by Xstar_Lumini:

What the hell are you talking about? I got a Galaxy Nexus for $149 with unlimited EVERYTHING for $40/month with NO contract. The only thing I have to do is pay off my smartphone in the event I want to ditch WIND but that's unlikely to happen, these guys are cheap and honest (my bill, with data included, never goes past $40/month), try that with Rogers which monthly bills were in the order of between $117 to $220 a month, and they didn't even give me text messages or unlimited local calling

Once again, you either don't understand what you have, or you are lying. Please explain what Wind Tab is and then compare it to a current 3 year contract with Rogers or Telus.

If I want to cancel my Rogers account I have to pay back the subsidy. It's the EXACT SAME THING as WindTab, only Rogers quite correctly calls it a 3 year term. Wind has avoided calling Wind Tab a contract, but it's the exact same as a contract from Rogers and Telus now. If you have to pay them back, you're on a contract. Get that through your head, please!

With my S3 I can pay off the balance at any time (just like you with Wind Tab). I can cancel my account at any time (and pay the subsidy back, just like you with Wind Tab). What's more, Rogers deducts a MUCH HIGHER amount of money off of my tab ever month than Wind does for you. So guess what? In two years when I decide to switch phones I'm going to be paying Rogers a much smaller fee than you'll pay Wind if you do the same thing.

Also your BS about it costing $117 to $220/mo for Rogers is because you had no idea what you were signing up for. You're spreading misinformation because you didn't read the details of the contract that you signed. I'm paying less than $100/mo with Rogers and I have essentially unlimited use for what I use the phone for. Yes I've got 6GB of data, but I've never gone over it and I don't even monitor my data usage! I've got text messaging and I don't even have to pay extra for it!

Stop spreading misinformation and maybe people will start to take your posts seriously.



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said by TLS2000:

If I want to cancel my Rogers account I have to pay back the subsidy.

Plus $12.50 per line with Rogers outside of MB/QC. In MB/QC, it's the lesser of $50 or 10% of your monthly bill. Not a huge amount, but it's there.

Plus the subsidy on the data, if you got a plan with a data discount (but they're absurdly vague about that). It's vague enough that you could theoretically end up in the weeds with this one without expecting to.

Telus has a $50 account deactivation fee if you're under a term contract, in addition to the device subsidy.

Toronto, ON
Better than Bell. Bell still has a $600 ECF if you have a voice plan with data.