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Marble Hill, MO
reply to pnyxxpress

Re: Big River Broadband Now Available in eastern Missouri

I'm also waiting for them to bring their service to me, the Bollinger County, Marble Hill, area of SE Missouri. It's in the works and should be soon according to BRT.
I'm also hoping some of the new users will frequent this site, so we can hear their opinions of it. So far I've not talked to anyone that's got it, nor found a forum where they are talking about it.


Valles Mines, MO
I'm hoping to have time this weekend to visit there mobile office at Ter-du-lac. I would like to see some real world latency and downloads. I'm still not convinced I should jump on board just yet. I'm sure the performance we be awesome but I wonder how it will perform next year or so when they have a good load on the systems.


Marble Hill, MO
yea, that's what me and others are wondering too, what it's going to be like after they get bombarded with a large amount of people using their system.
Of course they've got data caps similar to the satellite i-net providers so the power users won't be able to use all the bandwidth for very long. Also curios to see how they handle it when someone does go over the limits. I've asked them some of these questions, but no answer. I also seen that they have lower pricing (about $15 lower) for families with students or seniors.