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Huntsville, AL
reply to Hitman66610

Re: [Windows] Cannot get network shares working with Boxee Box

If all your computers are getting IP's via DHCP then they won't have the same IP's. If you have set them statically, then you'll have to re-address the ones with static IP's in the 192.168.1.x scope. How many devices do you have in your network and what is your subnet mask ( ? And I'd still connect the routers via LAN ports on each one (not the internet port on one to a LAN port on the other).

Pan-National Aquisitioner
Oakville, ON
So I turned the DHCP off on my Linksys router, and it confused my computers into thinking I was on a public network or something. I also got some random weird IP address on my computers.

Would it work if I changed the Linksys router to be within the range of the D-Link router? As in change the IP of the Linksys router itself so all of the IPs are in the same range? That way I can still manage my static IPs (I just add a zero instead of a 1 to the ones on the Linksys router).

And my subnet mask is for the D-Link router is, and it's for the Linksys router. I have 3 computers, an iPhone and other random stuff connecting through wireless (the Linksys router). I have two gaming consoles and my Boxee Box connected wired to the D-Link router.