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Tuckerton, NJ

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reply to njfoses

Tuckerton, NJ

said by njfoses:

said by hopewellva :

Internet only customers don't get this? That doesn't make sense...

Not sure if this is the case but a user here who lives 30 miles from me in the same county has been upgraded while i have not. I only have hsi service from Comcast. Maybe it's because i do not have fios available in my town while the person who was upgraded does have fios available there. Maybe its because im internet only. Maybe its because i have a zoom modem. Who knows. Hopefully i will receive it soon and this will all be a moot point lol.

Well all the worrying by me was for nothing. I now have the upgrade. Only downside is i can only average about 70mb down via wireless with my wndr3700 router and vaio laptop with an artheros AR9287 card. Speed test shown is wired.» ··· 9442.png


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Hooksett, NH

So I live in Hooksett, NH.[

No speed boost here yet, aye, is it coming? I am in Southern New Hampshire and heard it was rolling out here, and you've said two days ago it happened for you.

I'd love to double my speeds.