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This is a sub-selection from Can you really blame them?


Pleasant Hill, MO
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Re: Can you really blame them?

I don't want them to be non-profit or have fixed prices I am 100% against that, I just feel that if we are footing the bill for the infrastructure they will be using they should not be able to cap/throttle us.

"So you can pay the big boys to do it right now, or let them build THEIR system when THEY are ready"

Thats kinds what they are doing, using lte(wireless) to reach rural people. I'm not thrilled about the government doing it this way tbh, I'd rather private companies do it.

Uncapped/unthrottled is not unrealistic, I use a rual wisp with no cap or throttle, great ping times, wonderful customer service, got no money from the government when they started. Been in business for the better part of a decade so they must be making enough profit to pay for the business costs, their(owners') salaries, and the salaries of their 4 or 5 full employees. Been competing for c-link/embarq for most of that time, they offer better prices for VoIP users them c-tel does.

Snohomish, WA
What's their name? Will they share any info on how they achived that? What sort of speed do you get?

I think the point is the bigger players want in that (generic- rural area wireless )market but are considering going with the public money IF they can be conviniced it is on their terms (no they'll never be as cheap or flexible as your local guys, it's a differnt sort of business building many large scale plants with other peoples money) or considering public/ private deals (maybe on a more local basis) with specific terms rates and INVESTMENT directly from the community served by it a town, a county or a state (kind of muni with a proffesional partner .

I Void Warranties

Billings, MT
I'd like to know who they are, too.

..probably the reason they succeded is due to them caring more about the community and their customers instead of gouging the crap out of them. Most of the bigger companies don't give a crap if you live in the dark ages.. unless it's highly profitable and they can regain their ROI in a week.


Pleasant Hill, MO
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How they achieve that, I don't know. I know they service the vast majority of cass country MO's rual area(some of jackson and johnson too) So they are big for a wisp. I get 1.2m on average, costs $45 a month, $15 less than what c-tel wanted to charge me for 1.5m and a home run line so I could use voip. Best customer service I've seen anywhere, only one time did we call for them to come work on stuff were they not there within two hours, that was when a storm had knocked out a bunch of their equipment(both on tower and radios in people's yards). So like Simba(freaking love that movie) said, they care about their customers, the owner of the isp actually leaves his office and works out in the field.

Name is KC web, been with them going on 5 years now, 4.5 longer than c-tel has serviced my road. Not 100% who they buy from, last I checked it was a backbone provider they bought from but that was a year or so ago.