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New York, NY
reply to DarkLogix

Re: GPU Cards in a bit of a lull, what gives?

Yeah, I’m not blown away by the GTX660. It’s a nice card and all but I don’t think I’ll buy anything new for now. I’ll revisit the question later in October. Since I have a triple monitor set though I’ll want a card that can support three monitors. If I want to step up to something like the GTX670 or higher the extra time makes it a little easier to deal with the higher price.

Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
reply to Ghastlyone
said by Ghastlyone:

said by DarkLogix:

said by Octavean:

No one cares that the GTX 660 is now out?

Nope, waiting on the GTX685

This ^

I think this is going to be the card I'm going to get. This is only speculation, but I'd imagine the price range to be in the $600-700 range.

I wouldn't think the 685 would be the same cost as a 690.

When the GTX685 hits I expect it to make the GTX680 to drop in price and for the GTX685 to be priced at the range of the GTX680 is right now)

IMO the GTX690 will stay as the top priced card (unless there's a GTX695) and I'm not so interested in dual GPU cards.

New York, NY
reply to hellrazzer24
AMD is slashing graphics prices, the war is on!

While this move could hurt AMD's bottom line, there is only good news for gamers looking to upgrade their system with a new (or another) GPU from AMD. With the release of NVIDIA's GTX 660 Ti at a price close to that of the HD 7870 and performance closer to an HD 7950, AMD has once again cut the pricing of their cards. The price cuts should kick in by the end of the week, so hold off purchasing those cards for another week to benefit from the new pricing and to give NVIDIA a chance to respond as well.

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