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[Southwest] Multiple Actiontec Routers and SilconDust HD Prime

I think it should be possible but I am having problems tracking down instructions as to how to setup a secondary Actiontec router in my media room. My primary actiontec is located in my office hard wired to my HD Homerun Prime and MediaCenter PC. Ideally the secondary router would be hooked up via coax. Hopefully the wireless signal will be strong enough to get HD on my MediaCenter Extender (Xbox 360) allowing me several TBs of storage for programming. Anybody have any experience with this setup? Any pointers?

Sorry for being such a noob, but truly appreciate any help.

Warwick, RI

Re: [Southwest] Multiple Actiontec Routers and SilconDust HD Pri


Fort Mill, SC

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reply to CFPinDenton
So your problem is you can't run an ethernet cable to your media room, but you can or have run a coaxial cable to the same room?

1) Any decent elecrician could replicate the physical wiring along the same coaxial route to your media room, for a small charge. Then you could put a switch in that room if you need several connections.
2) Buy a decent high speed Powerline connector and some of these have switches if this is needed. These can work very well at speed around 500Mbps. »www.newegg.com/Product/ProductLi···&x=0&y=0

You do NOT need a second actiontec router, IMHO. I have run 2 routers and it really brings no improvement, but does brings a lot of complications. Better to run either an ethernet wire, or a powerline connection and put a simple switch on the end. This is my current setup and it works well.

I use one actiontec router (wireless disable because it's too slow) and a Linksys router converted to physical switch, but I use the wirless for higher speeds around the house. But for media I use straight ethernet connections. In the Family room I have a full media setup and use a small switch which connects to an XBox, a Roku, a Logitech Squeezebox and a receiver. The last purchase was the XBox and I am thrilled with the quality of streaming video using it and it connects superbly to my WMC in my home office (where I have the actiontec). Thus my setup is similar to yours. The WMC with my SD HomeRun Prime works terrifically as well.

In one other room I use a powerline connection as I could not find a route to thread an ethernet line.


My whole house is wired with coax. I already have the powerline adapter as well, but don't have the one with the switch. The outlets are probably about 120 feet apart and I am getting around 100 mbps down and up using the powerline adapters.

I thought I might improve on the speed (and add another wireless access point) by using one of the old actiontec routers that I had from my original FIOS install in 2008.

Only problem is that the coax is at the opposite side of the room from the TV and I don't want coax run the length of the room (I have a one year old daughter that is fascinated by things like this). I have a wireless N bridge or I could use the powerline adapters at a distance of about 15 ft which should take me closer to 200 mbps.

Just trying to figure out whether or not I should stop messing with the old actiontec router or if it is workable. I want to be able to stream HD to my xbox, use an ipad, iphone, and two laptops all from the same point. Is that too much to ask from my 15/5 mbps connection? :P Yes I do realize that I need a bigger switch, but until the time that Verizon is willing to upgrade my hardware, what is my best option.

Maybe I should look at using the powerline adapter and the WAN port?


Fort Mill, SC
There are probably better techies than me, but the easy answer seems to be to try the newer 500Mbps powerline technology as anything near that speed will give excellent HD video.
I would than add an extender for the wireless signal in the media room to ensure good reception coverage in the house.


That is the one I have, but I guess the distance/noise reduces the speed significantly.


Chesapeake, VA
reply to CFPinDenton
I use MOCA with 3 Actiontec routers and have no problem. I have an AppleTV and 360 in the living room and a AppleTV2 in the bedroom. When I tested the connection with my laptop at both locations wired it was the exact same as my desktop at the main router. I get about 85Mbs when reading and writing to my simple NAS which is a Iomega iConnect with a Iomega 1TB desktop drive. MOCA should work fine for your setup. No need to spend the extra money now. Try it first. Besides the Actiontec will give you 4 ports.