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[Rant] How can the government allow Vz to screw rurlal customers

The government also known as taxpayers gave Vz millions of dollars earmarked for rural broadband. Yet they let vz get away with spending zilch for that purpose and instead pocketing the money. Now vz has made it clear that they plan to abandon rural markets all together and remove all copper. Sure we can use 4g but what about those of us who aren't in a 4g market? I live in va and only the eastern most part of my state has 4g. The nearest tower is 85-90 miles away from me. Yes i know this is a rant but it says rant in the forum title.

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Re: [Rant] How can the government allow Vz to screw rurlal custo

I'm in central va. and they have had the antenna's in place for 4g on many towers, but its has been about 10 months since they were installed.
Not sure whats taken so long, but at least it will be here in central va. some day.
I cant picture the signal being that great unless your within 3-6 miles of any given tower (during the summer).
The frequencies and power used tells it all.
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