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This is a sub-selection from Can you really blame them?

Snohomish, WA

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reply to Simba7

Re: Can you really blame them?

said by Simba7:

said by tshirt:

..... each built differently on the whims of a few professionals.... .

Hey.. Watch it. Some of us in small communities actually know what we're doing and can easily do it with the proper equipment and backbone.

I did recognize that there are skilled people out there, but if you came from a smaller ISP, you probably aren't thinking of running the next AT&T clone (as I said different set/scale of skills, not better just different) and if you came from the AT&Tborg you probably were compartmentalized enough that you only actively practiced part of the skill set needed to run large scale operations.

Small scale requires a different mindset/series of compromises due to budget and size.

I'm all in favor of finding providers like me1212 See Profile's and observing their operations to build a more standard model to recieve grants/loans towards more coverage.
the prolem comes when part way through the process some of the potential customers say "those speeds aren't fast enough lets bump it forward another generation of equipment, or double the number of towers, or double the backhaul...without thinking about the cost/payback time for the investment (I'm thinking of a community financed type project here) sure you can get the 500 needed, willing to pledge to take service now, but will they(or new owners of those homes) still be satisfied/paying customers all the way to the 10 year mark needed to pay the bonds on todays equipment?
Will the subs be willing and able to pay more for incremental upgrades to enhance the system you build today to keep the speeds and capabilities somewhat more current?