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« RipOffNet (also called Hughesnet)
This is a sub-selection from SUCKS!!!

reply to Liz888

Re: SUCKS!!!

OK, so your calling to cancel before the time is up.
I hate to tell you but here is where you'll find out about how bad your about to be screwed.
I called and they sent me all new boxes with very well written and clear instructions how to pack the equipment for return. Along with an RMA!

I carefully packed the equipment in the "very nice boxes" as instructed and called them
Soon it was picked up by the shipper and I waited for my money.
When I got the service you had to buy the equipment up front.
About ninety days later I called them and they didn't have a record of me ever being a customer much less the equipment, RMA or anything. So went through hours of phone calls to many people but finally found where the records and started waiting for my money again. About ninety days later I started all over.
After many different numbers I had finally been referred to the original number again and started through the list again. I actually had a running list of numbers they were looping me through.
This time I stayed in contact a couple of times a week instead of letting it drop for ninety days. In about two months UPS showed up at my back door.
They had the boxes of satellite equipment and dropped it off.
Yep they returned the equipment instead of the $600.00 plus they owe me.
When I contacted them they quite firmly told me they don't refund money that I have to get my money from the local dealer who installed my equipment.
I called him and he actually laughed at that idea. I searched all my paper work and found nothing regarding who refunds the money only that if I sent the equipment back in the time limits of the contract I would get a full refund.
After about a year or longer it became quiet clear there is going to be no refund.
I threw in the towel. After all to put in several thousand dollars of work for $600.00 makes no sense.
I moved the boxes to a store room. No not one of those rip off rentals! I noticed the boxes rattled when picked up and moved so I opened them.
Remember I told you I packed the equipment up nice and neat as instructed? Well it came back to me just loosley thrown in the boxes. After the screwing I decided to check things. I opened all the boxes and wrote down the serial numbers. You're going to guess the serial numbers weren't the same as I had originally aren't you?

Hey you win the qupie doll. Not one single serial number matched my records of what I sent back. The only thing I have from the whole rip off is the nice dish. I use it for free to air satellite now. It has better gain than the little eighteen dishes usually used so I get less rain fade.
I hope you get your money back but don't go spend it until you have cashed the check!
The Federal Trade Commission should get down these jerks throat and rip our their hearts.
« RipOffNet (also called Hughesnet)
This is a sub-selection from SUCKS!!!