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reply to DarkLogix

Re: So what did you do yesterday?

If you're top dps, you automatically assume it's a fail group? Nice.

I recently started playing my mage again. Picked back up at ILVL 374. did some heroics with my wife's Spriest got some HoT gear and VP/JP. gemmed/enchanted.

Arcane has always been boring to me. Played around with fire. Got the hang of it and jumped in LFR. Boss fights and overall dps meters showed I was at the #5 or #6 spot. Okay pretty good, I can see myself in the Recount without scrolling down. No....I have to max this little mage out!

Play some more HoTs get a couple more pieces. Reforge, gem/enchant.

a casual guild i sat my mage in decided to do a fresh DS and they were looking for a ranged dps. i had nothing else going on and haven't raided in about 3 weeks. i volunteer. after all, i managed to get to ILVL 381.

Pretty smooth run. 1 shot almost everything except spine and madness. got another title and i was overall #3 in the 10m normal and 3-4 on per boss.

30% nerf...
Good evening!