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Middletown, CT

[POLITICS] Clearing Trees from Utility Lines

I remember all the discussions post-2011-storms about clearing trees, burying utility lines, so forth, as if this was something the utility companies should do without haste or abandon.

If you like your tree-lined streets, better be careful what you're asking for.

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Utilities, Customers At Odds Over Downed Trees
After years of being criticized for power outages caused by falling trees, utility companies are aggressively cutting down trees near electrical lines. Sounds sensible, but homeowners complain that the cutting often happens on private property, and even healthy trees are fair game.

Read through that transcript (or listen to it) and ask yourself: do you REALLY want CL&P or NU to have unfettered rights to cut down trees all along your street, done by people that really don't give a rat's patootie about you, and are only worried about avoiding the grief they got last Fall?

As you consider that, read this:


Listening Sessions on Roadside Clearing to be Held on Monday, August 13
The State Vegetation Management Task Force (Task Force) today announced that two listening sessions will be held on August 13 regarding the draft findings and recommendations of the Task Force. The first session will be from 4:00 to 6:00 pm; the second will be from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. These listening sessions will be held in the Phoenix Auditorium at DEEP, 79 Elm Street, Hartford. The purpose of these listening sessions is to provide an opportunity for public input into the Task Force’s Final Report.

Time to get involved. Or not.

Rider on the Storm
not Sweden
I can remember years ago in the 80s my parents had a tree that would get intertwined with the power lines on the street, and every few years tree crews paid by CL&P would come knocking on the door and ask if they could trim it back behind the power lines for no charge.

They always said yes, but if they had said no, they would have simply left it alone. Then they stopped coming altogether...

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT
I remember the same thing. We always asked them to show us what they wanted to cut, but in the end we always told them to go ahead. This should be the model for their future. It would save them a lot of pain in the long run.