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New York, NY

[Northeast] Best way to be sure you get FiOS if you live in Broo

#1: Get your Block on the radar, Call, write, call the PSC, have neighbors on your block call, go on the web and request it. Be specific...give them your address...your block number from the NYC real estate sites. Send VZ a signed petition! The more people on your block the higher up on the priority list you go. No interested people on your block? VZ has another block with people who want it and that's where they will build. It may still be several yrs if your block is not targeted now. if targeted, you will eventually get the service if you live in an area where everyone is cooperative. A few uncooperative property owners can nix the service altogether. After a certain date, within a few yrs from now, if your block has not been targeted with customer requests, you may never get the service, or it may take years. It's that simple.



Re: [Northeast] Best way to be sure you get FiOS if you live in

NYC as a whole is already on target, as the contract Bloomberg has with Verizon states that all of NYC should be wired by 2014. If they keep to that promise, that's another question and politics of NYC that I would not want to get into.

Plus, I'm wired. I'm waiting to be lit.