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[Internet] Setting up USB Printer with Sagemcom F@st 2864

There was an older thread on this which did not lead me to success so I thought I would share how I finally succeeded to connect a Samsung CLP-315 laser printer to my Bell Fibe 25 Connection Hub.

By doing an nmap port scan on the 2864, I learned it was a Linux-based device and had port 631 open. This port is for the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). Windows PCs can print using IPP but they need to be set up appropriately. I have managed to do this for both Windows 7 and XP. In both cases, my printer was not known to the OS (it was not listed under the available printer drivers), therefore I had to get the correct driver installed before setting up IPP access. To do this, I installed the printer as a normal local printer using the driver for the Samsung printer (I had to tell it to continue even though the printer could not be accessed). Then I removed the local printer (by right clicking it in the printer applet).

To set up the IPP printer access, click "Add a printer" in the printer applet. Click "Add a network printer", then (on Windows 7) wait for the search to finish (it will not find the printer you want) then click "The printer that I want isn't listed". On XP, the selection you want is "Connect to a printer on the Internet". On W7, you select "Select a shared printer by name". In both cases, I filled in the following URL without the quotes:
then I clicked next. (Use the printer name you see when you log into the 2864 Connection Hub and select "Network Device(s)". I replaced the space in the name with a "%20".) The IP address is the address of the 2864, 631 is the port to use for IPP. After you click Next, it will prompt you for the manufacturer and model number of the printer. (If yours is not listed, see the previous paragraph).

After the driver is all installed, you should be good to go. Windows will not let you share an IPP printer, so you need to do this on every PC that needs to access it.

I do not know whether this can work for printers that have scanners.


it doesn't work with HP F4200 series printer. They have a printer/scanner/copier built into one.

Anyone having the solution for that?


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Hi, This recipe works. I try it using a driver listed under the available printer drivers ( HP PSC950 instead of HP PSC1500) and the printer can be reached. The result is not good but the printer reacted when I send to it a Test page. Huge progress. I still have a problem because my printer is not listed even I install it locally before as mentioned. Where could I find the driver by itself or how is it possible to add this printer in the OS list. Thanks
System: Win XP Home Edition SP3


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Awesome write-up. Will be bookmarking this post.


Levis, QC
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I registered to this forum mainly to thank you for that! I have been searching to get support on how to make it work on the 2864 hub and unfortunately neither the ISP nor the manufacturer will provide technical support. Thanks to people like you I could finally make it happen. It worked just fine. I've replaced the printer name with the one listed in the network device and that was it.

Thanks again
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Re: [Internet] Setting up USB Printer with Sagemcom F@st 2864

I had a customer ask me about the usb port on the device I was installing today and I couldn't honestly answer his questions...seeing this thread gives me some new information and a place to refer these people. Thanks again.
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