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Huge Fusion price increase?

When I last posted earlier this year (»Sonic Fusion transition/setup questions), I was contemplating making the switch to bonded Fusion from the AT&T DSL we've had for literally twelve years in San Francisco in search of better performance and because Sonic seems like a company with which I would rather do business. Bonded Fusion made the most sense since, at ~8,000 ft from the CO, I'd have a better change of getting a major performance boost and because I actually do want two voice phone lines.

At that time, I'd pay:
* $70/mo for residential bonded Fusion
* ~$25/mo in phone taxes on the two lines
* $0/mo for a static IP (I have one now free as a legacy PacBell customer and would like to continue to have one)
* Upfront costs to purchase a new modem, two-line DSL splitter, minor in-home wiring adjustments, but no activation fee.

Now that I'm ready to buy, I discovered the pricing changes. To get the same thing, I'd now have to pay:
* $90/mo for business bonded Fusion
* ~$31/mo in phone taxes on the two lines (I guess they are higher for businesses, this is based on the examples)
* $10/mo for a static IP
* $85 activation fee, $150 installation fee
* New modem included, might still need to buy and/or install new splitter

So that's a new cost of $131/mo for what cost $95/mo a couple months ago (about a 40% increase). The upfront costs are greater too, though I don't mind that nearly as much as the monthly bill. I was pretty much sold on the residential bonded Fusion plan, but it's a lot harder to justify at $131/mo.

Even if I only got the one line residential Fusion product now, I'd still be paying:
* $40/mo for residential Fusion
* ~$13/mo in phone taxes on one line
* $6.50/mo mandatory equipment rental, even though I actually want to own my own modem and already have a WiFi router that I'd prefer to use
* $0/mo for a static IP
* $35 activation fee, costs to replace old splitter with an ADSL2+ compliant splitter
* Whatever the heck AT&T feels like charging today for a second voice line

In fact, it would actually be cheaper for me to buy two residential Fusion lines than to get bonded business Fusion, though actually aggregating them wouldn't really yield much in the way of performance results.

Am I misunderstanding the new pricing somehow? It's just frustrating to have been this close to switching to Sonic and to find out that it will cost 40% more to get what I had planned. Are there any other options you guys would recommend?

Santa Rosa, CA
Yes, we stopped offering our two-line bonded product in our residential product line. It's only available in the business segment now, sorry.

For more on the topic, see: » ··· changes/



Santa Rosa, CA
reply to zachlipton7
yep, basically the same boat here. I already have single line fusion and i was hoping to add a second fusion line because i only get 6.0, but now that its in my budget...sonic raised the price. -so im going to stick with a single line, especially since i didint need a second phone line(let alone the first one)

couple this with the mandatory modem rental (fee hike) for new customers, and Sonic's value seems to be quickly evaporating.

at this rate fiber will be $300 by time SR gets it...


San Francisco, CA
reply to zachlipton7
For clarity, you need to change your Subject line to: "Huge Bonded Fusion price increase?"

The regular Sonic Fusion (single line) has not changed and remains priced at $39.95


Santa Rosa, CA
said by Tobester:

For clarity, you need to change your Subject line to: "Huge Bonded Fusion price increase?"

The regular Sonic Fusion (single line) has not changed and remains priced at $39.95

but the 39.95 has indeed increased for new users. there is now a modem rental fee on top of single line net access/land line service. i assume those of us that are current subscribers would also need to rent new modems if we upgraded to dual line fusion.

-very bummed to be stuck at 5.5 speed