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Phoenix, AZ

new hp 6700 all in one and netgear??

In what order do i connect my phone wall jack, phone/answering machine, wireless router and pc and all in one printer/with fax all together? Starting at the wall phone jack?????

Warner Robins, GA
I am assuming you are getting DSL service. I also am assuming you have only one telephone number. If so, you should have gotten a DSL modem kit that included a set of line filters. You should first use the DUAL port filter. Connect the filter to the wall jack. Connect the modem to the port on the filter labeled "DSL". Connect the modem to the DSL line coming out of the filter. Connect the wireless router to the modem's Ethernet port using the WAN port on the router. Connect the PC to the router with an Ethernet cable to a LAN port on the router.

Now comes the tricky part. On some all in one fax/printer machines you have the ability to hook the phone/answering machine to the all in one using a second RJ-11 port on the fax/printer. On other machines that port does not exist and you will need to purchase a parallel splitter. A parallel splitter has one RJ-11 port on the front and two RJ-11 ports on the back. Do not use a 2–line phone splitter, a serial splitter, or a parallel splitter which has two RJ-11 ports on the front and a plug on the back.

If you fax/printer does not contain the second RJ-11. Connect the parallel splitter to the phone line that comes off the DUAL filter. Connect the fax/printer to one of the splitter ports. Connect the telephone/answering machine to the other port.

You can now connect the printer to the router using an Ethernet cable.

Plug in all electrical power cords to electrical power sources. I do recommend getting an Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS). I use the APC 1500VA models.